Why Get your Air Ducts cleaned?

As most people realize, once you reach adulthood, you have to start dealing with some things that are just plain… boring. Taxes, laundry, board meetings, sitting in rush hour traffic, keeping your air ducts clean and… wait. Air ducts? True, not many people put a lot of thought into their home’s HVAC system or the cleanliness of their duct work – and why should they? Hot air comes out during the winter, cold air during the summer and you (usually) remember to change your filter a few times a year – you’re set, right? Not so fast.

Imagine you have a straw, a straw that every day you drink out of. Each day you plop your straw into a big glass of soda, milk, juice – whatever floats your boat… or quenches your thirst. Only, you never wash your straw – you never rinse it under water before setting it aside for the next day to make sure that there isn’t remaining residue. Pretty gross, eh? Every day that straw gets more and more built-up with residue – doesn’t sound very healthy.

Now take your air ducts – all day every day, all of the air in your home filters through that system. It is sucked in through the returns, funneled through your furnace and then pushed back out the supply vents. And each time it makes its rounds, it pulls through with it dead skin cells, pet dander, fur, allergens, dust, bacteria and more. All kinds of rather nasty, microscopic irritants – and though, yes, you have a filter in your system to catch some of that, a filter is no match for the amount of irritants in your entire home.

Take into consideration that throughout the year, humidity rises, lowers, the temperature goes up and down – each time these changes occur, so do the moisture levels in your duct work. That’s when those particles start to stick, and even harden, on the insides of your duct work - then, if too much moisture begins to gather, mold can begin to form within the pipes as well. The air you and your family are breathing in your home is filtered through that system every day – through all of that build-up and filth. Now keeping your HVAC system clean starts to sound a little more important, doesn’t it?

Clean air ducts and furnaces are safer, more cost effective and energy efficient than a system struggling to operate under layers of dirt and debris.

We may not be able to help with all of those other mundane necessities in your life, but we can certainly take the hassle out of a few things. With a combination of competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and flexible scheduling, Pure Air is the answer to all of your HVAC and duct cleaning needs. Friendly office staff is available Monday – Saturday to answer all of your questions and set you on the right track to a healthier home for you and your loved ones.